Guillermo De Toro discusses John W Campbell being inspired by Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" ?

leading from

a) Planning to make a movie version

Guillermo Del Toro had been planning to make a film version of At The Mountains of Madness as a fan of Lovecraft's work.

b) Alien inspired by John W Campbel

He noticed its influence on John W Campbell's  story "Who goes there?" which had been filmed as Howard Hawk's The Thing from another World and later John Carpenter's The Thing, and Howard Hawk's movie had inspired Alien

c) John Campbell inspired by the same Lovecraft novel?
He also believed that John W Campbell admitted to having been inspired by At The Mountain of Madness although this actual admittance is not known to have been documented anywhere.

  1. DenOfGreek: The Thing is another film that’s obviously inspired by it.
    Guillero Del Toro: John W Campbell, who wrote the original story, Who Goes There?, admitted publicly that it was a riff on At The Mountains Of Madness. This isn’t supposition, you know? It is an absolutely admitted fact by John W Campbell, that he was inspired by it. (Source:, October 12, 2011, interview conducted by Ryan Lambie)

d) The Thing movie was a ripoff of Lovecraft's novel too?
The next step was to say that the movie The Thing which was based upon John W Campbell's story was also a ripoff of At The Mountains of Madness (Should we ask whether he was talking about Howard Hawkes version or John Carpenter?)

  1. Guillermo De Toro: That’s essentially, you could say very much, At The Mountains of Madness, it has influenced the story that The Thing was based on which was a direct rip off of At The Mountains of Madness, and so on, I think it's, it's it's repercussions are very cinematic (Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown, a 2008 documentary, 11:11:45)

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