Guillermo Del Toro discusses Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" influence on Alien?

leading from

a) Acknowledging normal claims about sources for Alien

He saw that it was normal for people to say that Alien was influenced by "It! The Terror From Beyond Space", or Mario Bava's "Planet of the Vampires", and even though while Dan O'Bannon was someone who would be able to himself point out in what way he was inspired by these two movie.
  1. Guillero Del Toro: People normally say Alien was influenced by It! The Terror From Beyond Space, or Mario Bava’s Planet Of The Vampires, but I assure you there’s the influence of At The Mountains Of Madness, for sure.
    (Source:, October 12, 2011, interview conducted by Ryan Lambie)

b) Guillermo's claim that Alien was influenced by "At The Mountains of Madness"

Guillermo Del Toro wanted to assure the public that there's the influence of "At The Mountains of Madness" for sure to the point of Alien being a space version of the story.

  1.  Guillermo Del Toro: Alien est en quelque sorte une version spatiale des "Montagnes hallucinées " Lovecraft a influencé une quantité d'auteurs et de realisateurs" (L'ecran Fantastique no.394, p108, Fevrier 2018) (Translation: Alien is somehow a space version of "Mountains of Madness" Lovecraft has influenced a number of writers and directors ")

c) Truth about an Alien/Lovecraft connection?

Dan O'Bannon was able to note that he deliberately tried to write Alien in a way that was heavily inspired by Lovecraft, one can see some deliberate Lovecraft references.

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