Alien : HR Giger's Egg Silo Interior version I (work 386) references a Chris Foss derelict ship?

leading from

a) HR Giger's Egg Silo Interior version I (1978)

b)  Concept for derelict by Chris Foss, image 10

c) Pregnant belly like forms with the visor like shapes from  HR Giger's Egg Silo Interior version I

d) Comparison to detail from Chris Foss' derelict ship

By comparing Chris Foss' elongated derelict ship and Giger's Egg Silo version I painting, it might be easy to assume that Giger had taken the idea of the pod from the front of Foss' ship with its two slit windows on the pod from Foss' derelict that had translated themselves into a slightly different form in one of Moebius' earlier derelict designs has almost seem to crawl into Egg Silo version 1 as two slit like eye like spaces above the pregnant belly like pods. See: Chris Foss' derelict, 

Perhaps  such abstract bilateral forms protruding from the tops of various of Foss' structures that might be such things as engines or something similar to two rectangular radars fused together that might make one think of robot eyes or visors. See: Chris Foss' Alien temple interior

Front pod from a derelict ship by Chris Foss'

e) Detail of derelict by Moebius showing the pod with eye like gaps in the side

from Moebius Alien spaceship concepts part 2)

front pod from Moebius derelict with eye like
spaces at the front (inspired by Foss' derelict?)

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