Alien Monster IV (1978) by HR Giger references Treasures of Satan (1895) by Jean Delville?

a) Alien Monster IV (work 408) (1978) by HR Giger

Alien (Winged) / Alien Monster IV by H.R.Giger
(A Homage to Jean Delville?)

b) Treasures of Satan (1895) by Jean Delville

Jean Delville's Treasures of Satan (1895)

c) The back of the tentacles with the tendrils becomes the back of the wing like forms

d) The tentacle coming down behind the body becomes a tail like form coming from behind the alien beast

e) The sheet flowing down in front of Satan becomes the long neck of Alien Monster IV. 

f) The zigzagging tip of the tentacle to the bottom right of Delville's creature also shows as a motif in Idol of Perversity snaking between the woman's breasts, Giger transplants to the top left of his Alien Monster IV.

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