Alien: Stage III alien, 2nd Design early stage (side view) (1978) by HR Giger references "waldo-like" repair machine Chris Foss for Alien?

leading from


a) Alien III (Side view II, first state) (Source "Giger" by HR Giger, Taschen)

b)  Chris Foss' "waldo-like" repair machine


c) Although it's not in the correct place, it looks as if the broken pipe becomes the tongue that ends with teeth and a little drill


d) It looks as if the window becomes the alien beast's eyes and a mechanical claw becomes the position of the toothy end of the tongue.

f) If the claw becomes the end of the tongue, the lower arm becomes the lower hand

g) The rear of the cabin becomes the rear of the head that appears to hang down behind the back

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