Alien: Pilot in cockpit (work 380) references 'The Walrus and the Carpenter' for Lewis Carroll's Alice Through The Looking Glass (published 1871) by John Tenniel'?

a) Pilot in Cockpit (work 380) (1978) by HR Giger

b) References  'The Walrus and the Carpenter' for Lewis Carroll's Alice Through The Looking Glass (published 1871) by John Tenniel'?
Back on June 2rd 2017, in light of the confusion of Alien Covenant about how likely it would be that David would be the Space Jockey I made online a rather weak joke "I'm still trying to confuse things by pushing the rumour around that the space jockey will either be Ringo Starr or Paul McCartney, while John Lennon will have been the alien egg all along." 
March 4th 2021. three years on, picking up on my rather feeble joke back then trying to connect the Alien series with the Beatles "I am the walrus" song mysticism.
Now that I've been looking at how Giger's compositions connect with John Tenniel's illustration for Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland books.  I suddenly discover that it was the Walrus who was the Space Jockey all along!
A few moments after I found that out, there was a TV quiz show The Chase on the television, with a multiple choice question featuring the Eggman as an answer.
Days later someone on a radio show blurted out "I am the walrus" which perhaps people sometimes do
This importance of this update it likely to fade into the background noise of everyday realism shortly..
I still don't really know who the Walrus was for the Beatles but that's okay.



C) Here the walrus has been transformed into the space jockey and the back rest seat back

d) The tusks become the back of the chair

e) Here the back of the head becomes the Space Jockey's skull, while its back becomes the ribcage

g) The open jacket becomes the side supports of the seat

h) Detail to compare enlarged

h) The Carpenter holding an oyster shell becomes the telescope

i) The head itself would be compared to the bulbous shape on the pilot's end of the telescope.

j)  The piece of bread with a bite taken out becomes the upper part of the telescope reports

k) The right side of the upper torso and the blocks in the distrance become the front end of the underside of the telescope

l) The plank as if it had been moved upwards becomes the knob on the front of the front end of the telescope

m)  The stone block and the oyster shells becomes the lower rear pipes of the chair

n) An oyster shell becomes the end of the back pipe

o) The rock becomes the upper side of the side pipe

p)  Oyster shells becomes the front of the side pipe

q) Oyster shells  becomes the oval opening on the end of the front of the pipe

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