Aliens: Scene with the aliens coming in through the ceiling references "siege scene" from "Hill Street Blues season 1 episode 4, Can World War III Be an Attitude? (originally aired January 24, 1981)?

leading from
a) Enemy coming in through the ceiling in Hill Street Blues by the 51st minute
a.i)  Suddenly something begins to break through the ceiling 



a.ii) Esterhaus is as confused as everyone else, thinking that there still is a seige, says "They're coming through the roof, cover that ceiling! "


a.iii) Goldbume and Alf look up


a.iv) Esterhaus orders "Cover the ceiling!"

 xxxxx and officer Better Thomas aim their guns at the ceiling

a.v) Someone has come in through the front door. Had they forgotton the lock it? It turned out to be Captain Furillo found nothing strange happening when he returned after being called back by Ray.

a.vii) Still they're standing there with rifles raised


  a.viii) The ceiling starts to break open

a.ix) A hole forms


a.x Presidential Aide Parker and Captain Furillo are as confused as anyone

a.xi) Someone's leg comes through

a.xii) A whole man falls through


a.xii) He lands (1)

a.xiii)) He lands (2)



b) Aliens in the ceiling

b.i) They noticed that signs of Aliens  invading the room come up on the motion tracker,




b.ii) It dawns on Ripley where they are when she looks up

b.iii) It gets to a point where they all realise that it must be in the ceiling.

b.iv) Hicks dares to have a look.

b.v) Aliens in the ceiling Hicks fires up into the ceiling




c) Aliens coming in through the ceiling. (well, you can hardly see what anything is anyway)















c.xi) Hudson has his gun ready to aim upwards

d) Aliens coming out

d.i) It's Malibu the car thief and fixer again

d,ii) Ray returns to see the aftermath of Malibu falling through the ceiling.

d.iii)  Malibu explains how he was trying to escape but he fixed the electricity and almost fixed the telephone system.

d.iv) Ray's apolegtic words to Captain Furillo afterwards were "You had to be here"

d.v) In Aliens, the activities of the character "Malibu" merged with the threats about of a thousand crack troops coming to destroy the police station would be the swarm of aliens coming through the ceiling. 

These creatures obviously weren't there to fix the electricity or the phones. 

Ripley would attempt to escape with Newt and the colonial marines.

In Hill Street Blues, Captain Furillo's return is the result of Ray's efforts to radio help would here , bringing order once more to the police station, the results of Ray becoming Bishop who risks all to get to the transmitter Aliens are leaping around the room attacking

The colonial marines ,Vasquez, Hudson, Hicks and even Gorman, endlessly shoot away

Glass shatters. They do what they can to get away




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