Alien : Ridleygram of Space Jockey chair without pilot

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Ridleygram of the Space Jockey chair in chamber.

a) Ridleygram of Space Jockey Chair
Ridley produced a drawing of the space jockey chair but as it seems without the space jockey.
There was a time when the studio bosses were considering not having the space jockey in its seat because of the amount of money it would cost, and perhaps it got to a point where they thought that there wouldn't even be a chair.

The earlier version of the Henu Barque

Henu Barque from 1998 onwards at the Egyptian
Theatre image that has been touched up by someone who
probably had no idea what anything was supposed to be in
the picture with various details changed

b) Henu Barque at the Egyptian Theatre
On 4th August 2015, from looking at online photos, I suddenly realised that above the doorway in the East Wall at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, there was actually a depiction of the Henu Barque above the entrance, the head of the antelope make me think of a bird with a long beak and a wattle which I thought was interesting because I also had made the association that the telescope had somehow been inspired by the head of the giant pterodactyl biomechanical bird from Moebius' comic book story Arzach, but I think this suddenly became Ridley Scott's ideas for a telescope since he welcomed anything that would connect with Moebius' imagery.  At the time of the premiere of Alien, it had been painted over, perhaps to conform with the modernised look of the place at the time

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Arzach on his pterodactyl like bird.

c) The Henu Barque and Moebius' Arzach?
Looking at this vastly altered Henu Barque and Moebius' Arzach standing on the back of his bird, the brain is starting to explode once again. I might ask the question if the Arzach was somehow inspired by the Egyptian Theatre' design for the Henu Barque. But the redone Henu Barque with the pharaohs head would have come after Arzach which came out in 1975. Perhaps the earlier version with the cobra head instead and perhaps does not offer enough of a similarity.

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