Panel from the Pink Panther #07 comic references
the starmap from the Tomb of Seti I ?

leading from

Pink Panther #07 p19. July 1972 "Pursuit of the Pinkus Finkus"

Star map mural from tomb of Pharaoh Seti I

a) Lion hippo goddess with crocodile becomes tentacle human with the tentacle above him. Perhaps the legs of the man sticking out from the edge of the left become the diving mask

b) Section here found in the middle of the star map becomes the car

c) Other images from the comic relating to the star map, with the stars being transformed into the bubbles, perhaps. Also the tendril connected to the rear of the ox becomes outstretched tentacle and the diagonal passage of movement in the second panel.

d) This becomes interesting in relation to Giger because I worked out that his Passage Temple Entrance from 1975 referenced the same star map and he ought to have seen this comic book. Perhaps he worked out the connection himself by the time he painted Passage Temple Entrance, although it doesn't appear as if Giger himself referenced the Pink Panther comic book story on this occasion . 

For more about Passage Temple Entrance and its relationship to the starmap,  see: Giger's Passage Temple Entrance references mural from tomb of Pharaoh Seti I (KV17)

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