"Apollo Astronauts" painting by Pierre Mion (1973) references “Melancholy, Atomic Uranic Idyll” by Salvador Dali (1945)?

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a) On January 8th 2019,  Andrew Currie shared on the Lunar Anomalies on Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=988723314849207&set=a.227602037628009&type=3&theater&ifg=1) a photo of a poster of the Apollo Astronauts that was published as supplement to National Geographic Vol. 144, No. 3 (September 1973).) by Pierre Mion. Taking a look at it the following day, I suddenly realised that it resonated with this Henu Barque trail and that it displayed features roughly connecting with “Melancholy, Atomic Uranic Idyll” (1945) by Salvador Dali? (At this point in time this became interesting because I had been looking at this Dali painting in conjunction with a Radio Times portrait photo of Louis Jourdan that also tied in with Giger's Alien Monster II and I would come to realise that this painting would also be connected with the same Giger painting)

(source https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/space/2018/07/see-how-apollo-era-scientists-thought-wed-live-moon

b) The painting as it would appear in the poster form with text as a supplement in National Geographic

Source: http://www.pierremion.com/Illustrations/PierreMionIllustrations.php

c) So roughly the artist would have taken“Melancholy, Atomic Uranic Idyll” by Salvador Dali (1945) painting and abstractly referenced it in his painting of the astronauts, but in a way that one would hardly notice any connection at all.

“Melancholy, Atomic Uranic Idyll” by Salvador Dali (1945)

d) This crutch structure becomes the lunar rover's antenna, perhaps the sphere connected to it become the astronaut's head and helmet

e) Here, Mion would have played with the idea of a vertical row of objects becoming one head above another, while the hole in the wall showing the architecture in the background becomes the wheel with the American flag on the mudguard of the lunar rover.

f) The aircraft on the face becomes an abstract shadow within the crater. Where it's placed in the Astronaut painting doesn't correspond well to Dali's work but the oddity of the shadow remains significant.

g) Abstract image of an explosion becomes the astronaut's helmet, with the colourful part of it becoming the lunar landscape with the light. Meanwhile the elongated shape next to it becomes the astronaut with the knot in it becoming his collar.

h) Puffs of smoke in the image (from the section featured above) becomes the radio switch, oxygen inlet and the oxygen outlet.

i) The broken warped watch becomes the astronaut with his moon rock picker

j) The abstract biomorph becomes is transformed into the Eagle lander, while the liquid like forms below become the astronauts' heads below.

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