Alien: Development of Moebius' outsized pilot for Alien?

leading from
Moebius' space jockey

a) The outsized pilot by Moebius for Alien, that would be seen as an early rendition of the dead character in Alien known as the Space Jockey.

Outsized pilot by Moebius (1978) for Alien

b) References cartoon from "Plop!" magazine by Mior?

c) References the cover of "The Inspector" #10 (July 1976)

I believe that the cover of The Inspector comic book #10 from 1976 which features the Pink Panther references the Betty Hill star map.

Ridley referenced the same comic book cover, while Moebius referenced the star map, the comic book cover and the Ridleygram together.
The Inspector comic book #10 from 1976

c.i) The two images side by side

c.ii) The collar of the inspector's coat becomes the back of the seat, while the inspector's lower face becomes the head of the pilot.

c.iii) The table becomes the bed on which the pilot sits

c.iv) The ropes binding the inspector's feet to the stitles becomes the cables connecting to the control panels. The angel of the left side of the table becomes the slant of the left computer panel and the slant of the right stilt becomes the slant of the right computer panel.

c.v) The raised upper leg of the panther becomes the slant of the lower torso of the pilot's body

d) References Ridley Scott's ridleygram for Alien showing the Pedalo?

d.i) White areas on the right astronaut's helmet becomes the hands of the pilot while a rectangle on the wall becomes a becomes a piece of apparatus on a mechanical arm.

d.ii) Nostromo exterior in the distance becomes the back of the chair while the visor of the left astronaut becomes the black rectangle on the side head of the alien pilot

d.iii) Ring shape on the front of the pedalo becomes the backpack of the explorer (or vice versa)

e) References the Betty Hill star map?

e.i) The Gliese 86 star on the left becomes a small pale circular area and the Zeta II Reticuli becomes a backpack of the human explorer.

e.ii) The Tau Ceti and 82 Eridani connected to each other by two lines become the hands of the pilot. Perhaps the upper right star assumed to be our solar system would become the panel on the mechanical arm.

e.iii) The long line between Gliese 111 and 86 slanting upwards becomes the back rest for the pilot

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