Illustration for the film Grand Prix in Radio Times from 1974 references Salvador Dali's Autumnal Cannibalism (1936)?

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a) Image for Grand Prix the movie in Radio Times for 22nd December, 1974. 

The film originally came out in the cinema in 1966 

b) References Autumnal Cannibalism by Salvador Dali (1936)?

Of course the illustrator of the Grand Prix image created it with the idea of incorporating imagery from the film set in the real world rather than have a free hand at just reinterpreting a Dali painting. 

Thus he faced restrictions

c.i)  It would seem that the upper part of the stocking becomes the flag and its pole , while the lower end of the stocking becomes a mechanic. 

The slant of the cupboard becomes the slant of the Grand Prix logo.

c.ii)  It would be as if the flap of flesh became the racing cars, and the knife blade became the bottom of the dark curve representing the lower part of the curve of track

c.iv)  So here the hand holding the fork becomes the girl's head, rock in the background becomes the burning car smoke, while the two interlocked heads becomes the crash helmet.

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