HR Giger's N.Y. City XXII (work472) (1981)


f.i) My assumption then goes towards the idea that McQuarrie's concept art for Battlestar Galactica showing the Tucana Singers references the knowledge that the Boney M photograph referenced Mark Rothko's Gesthemane.

So the three Tucana singers are the loosely inspired by the three female singers and the multilimbed musician playing the pipe and the drums is based on the male band member who basically danced in a wild way and mimed to the male producers vocals

So the Boney M photograph in the Radio Times had the bottom trimmed off, but the full photograph shows of a rough similarity to Rothko's painting when one is reversed.

photo of Boney M by Michael Ochs

f.ii) Gesthemane by Mark Rothko reversed next to the photo of Boney M by Michael Ochs


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