HR Giger: Mordor V (work 281) (1975).

Mordor V represents 'Perseus' by Edward Burne-Jones  and James Gleeson's "The Betrothal of Two Classical Edifice" merges with the Fisher Price Music Box Teaching Clock, perhaps with references to stuffed meat products, moonhoppers and various water life.

Looking further to explore the culmination of impressions:

The amphibious Nommo from the Sirius star system has journeyed to the Earth and as a member of the amphibious Telchines who lived on the island of Rhodes, has brought marvelous technology, the clock house and is itself integrated into the mechanism. A flipper like the wing of a dock on the clock house, a head like a catfish disguised as a Japanese dumpling. The clock house bell grows into the phallic tip of a hanging black string wrapped sausage. The clock hand becomes the tentacle of a squid.

Enter the gate of the clock house. Here remain parts of the body of the Greek mythological hero Perseus who slew the sea serpent with the head of the gorgon. He in turn has transformed into a mermaid's purse with its contents transforming into skin wrapped meat products. The body of the sea serpent, by way of a clock house that also transforms into a sausage stuffing machine, with a handle merged with the clock hand transforming into a squid. His foot transformed into the nasal cavity of a skull and his toes become the teeth later transformed into the wooden planks on the clock house's picket gate. 

Shark egg yolk turning  into the face of another Siriun Nommo transforming into the Andromedan buttocks faced puffer fish haggis beast, sleeping as a moon hopper, swinging like a pendulum, blowing like the north wind.

a) Looking for an order of development
24th January 2016: Trying to work out what came first and how it developed: I would assume that Giger wandering around in the year of 1975 started looked at James Gleeson painting"Betrothal of two classic edifices" and changing things to make what was the most noticeable in the painting such as the human skull and the bald human head less noticeably but keeping references to various shapes and forms such as the cloth being vomited out of a hole and then he started to think about sea mythology in terms of such things as a mermaids purse after perhaps with Mordor IV he was thinking about a manatee that could be impossibly mistaken by various people for a mermaid. I would assume that Giger was having an interest in the images of the drawings of Nommo amphibious extra terrestrials that visited the Dogons of Mali in ancient times and so the theory must have been made known before the book was released in magazines and such. 

Thinking about the idea of Mermaids purse which is a sharks egg, he turned the yolk sack in the Mermaids Purse into a moon hopper like creature and gave it features of one of the Nommo drawings and also made it into something looking like a haggis which is a pudding stuffed with meat. He added the the drawing of a second Nommo gave it a catfish head which turned into a squid body linking with the left of the painting and also might give the suggestion of the handle of a manual sausage stuffer, and then turned the head into an oriental meat dumpling like form with a frill to integrate the whiskers of the Nommo as patterns, served on a rectangular dish. 

The second Nommo drawing as an oval in the centre of the body which he made into an orifice perhaps partly as found in a sausage stuffer. Out of one the orifice a black sausage wrapped in string comes out, perhaps it looks more like an cat faecal stool coming out of its backside, and then it might be the fetus of the shark from the mermaids purse transformed into a meat product, and on the left another one of these enters a pipe as a document cartridges to send around a pneumatic tube delivery system at offices.

So in this painting,  what I perceive as a haggis, the dark sausages and the oriental dumplings all represent different foods with a skin and a mainly a meat filling.

12th August 2016: I came to notice that the Fisher Price Teaching Clock was another thing as it were absorbed into the painting.

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