Alien: Space Jockey design references anti-shock seat
from Jack Kirby illustration for S.H.I.E.L.D.?


a) On 20th October 2016 as I first took a look through the collected volume of the SHIELD comic book stories always interested to look out for images that might have interested Giger enough as an idea for his various compositions since I believe Giger used Jack Kirby's comic book illustrations as a source of reference and so Giger's Space Jockey concept connects with Kirby's Celestial Giant in Rocket Capsule Statue from "The Eternals" which appeared to reference Giger's Necronom I & II.

The space jockey in his seat

b) The Space Jockey appeared to be sealed into his chair. by his technology. As a biomechanoid, one might argue that the technology was also a part of its body, but as a concept might be further asking what was the general idea about the technology being fused with the space jockey's body.
c) In the S.H.I.E.L.D story "Hydra Lives", from Strange Tales #150, November 1966, published in the collective volume, a strong image can be found from Jack Kirby's work with Nick Fury in a suit that's part of an anti-shock seat device, with his arms inserted into the arms of the chair and a curious machine about the size of a film camera placed before the visor of the suit that's a sonic weapon. In the comic book story, this chair and suit is designed to run around a circular track in a chamber and survive the force of  the Overkill Horn which was a sonic weapon placed before the suit that fires of a laser like sonic beam that's capable of slicing through buildings and speeding jet aircrafts like a razor cutting through the flimsiest thread and sets off nuclear weapons half a continent away

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