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a.) An article in the Alien laserdisc showed parts of certain rewrites of the Alien script displaying the changes in the dialogue dealing with the bodiless head of Ash the android now forced to speak. Here in various versions he has talked briefly about his enigmatic discoveries or perspectives about the alien life form that were sometimes interesting but could be viewed as too much information for the audience when in the final movie they kept it to a minimum. However in the article, actual information about which scripts various pieces of dialogue were taken from was not supplied.
  1. It is mentioned that in one script, Mother had stated that "The alien had already competed with the civilization which inhabited the planet" as if in the script the remains of a civilisation had been found upon the planet and the alien was seperate from that race.
  2. Ash is introduced introducing his role as a Company robot looking out for Key Products. Where exactly they took the interesting term Key Products is another question presently unanswered. In regards to to the Company and the robots, Ash said  " They put them on all deep space vessels to watch for the discovery of key products. The company has found that under certain circumstances, crews refuse to bring back key products. A key product is any substance capable of changing the course of human evolution. The Alien is a key product. The Alien utilizes other species in this reproductive cycle. In so doing, it crosses itself with the host."
  3. Here he reveals something about the creature that they have loose aboard the ship and in the final film we have a brief half formed utterances that sounds like "Kane's son" that could be mistaken for "Gained some" by Ash after Brett has been taken by the alien. "The Alien on the ship is carrying human chromosones. It is Kane's child. It may be that the alien is not useful. That is not for me to decide. It is a key product. It will soon die of its own accord. It's life cycle is almost over.                                                                                                                             This individual will die but its spores will live indefinitely. The spores that it has layed in this ship"
  4. Ash responded "yes" when Ripley asked "when it dies, will it decompose. And gallons of acid pour out. But the spores can survive in a vacuum and Mother takes the ship back to Eartth"
  5. In a later rewrite, the android Ash describes it as "An intergalactic parasite, capable of laying dormant for thousands of years, perhaps for all time, who knows, its sole purpose to destroy other species merely to recreate itself, for life and anti-life
b) However Veronica Cartwright was able to reminisce on what  Ian Holm as Ash's earlier dialogue before it was rewritten where he asked the rest of the crew if anyone else had tried to communicate with it and it appeared that the creature was part of an experimental program which in a way made the creature less evil but Veronica wasn't able to go into any more about the whole matter.
  1. Veronica: The original scene had more grapey things and stuff and so I guess they took in, erm, I talked to Ian later, he said they went back and reshot with more tubey looking odds and ends, and they also changed the dialogue, that wasn't what it was originally. Well that whole thing about how nobody'd bothered to try to communicate with it, I mean maybe if we gave it a chance, it was part of an experimental program which in a weird way didn't make him as evil. Originally this is where he brought up "has anybody tried to communicate with it?", and we were all standing around, you know, and listening to him, he was so touching when he was doing it and and then Ridley shouts "Cut!" because he had milk, and he had grapes and he had little, he hated the little silver balls that were like on the c.... so here we are, we were all like sitting there with bated breath listening to Ian, he's got his head in the middle of the table, you know with grapes and all sorts of stuff hanging off his head and then he uh, he shouts cut because he didn't like the silver balls so, what you see is Ian with that months later and redid it, but I r.. I loved his ideas. he, Ian had this twitch through the thing which you don't get to see very much, he had like, he starts out fine, but as he starts to get, why, this left eye, would like, twitch all the time as he starts to break down. (Blu-Ray commentary 1:23:12 )   
  2. Veronica Cartwright: Well, part of the whole thing was that, um, Ian's character , remember he, he asked us whether or not we tried to communicate with it, and none of us ever did. We just assumed it was big ugly and nasty. So now. Nobody ever bothered to communicate with it or tried. 
    Harry Dean Stanton:With the monster 
    Veronica Cartwright:With the monster  
    Harry Dean Stanton: What the fuck am I going to say to him   
    Veronica Cartwright:Well no, it's like a beauty and the beast thing.  
    Tom Skerrit: We didn't communicate with it , it felt ignored it got pissed with people. It wanted a hug probably  
    Harry Dean Stanton: It didn't look like something that would be articulate in English. What are you talking about? Communicating...  
    Veronica Cartwright:That's what... That's what he said "had anybody tried to communicate with it"

    Harry Dean Stanton: What, Ian says that?

    Veronica Cartwright:Yeah. When he's a robot. The whole thing is nobody tried to

    Harry Dean Stanton: I hate Ian in this   
    Veronica Cartwright: nobody tried to communicate with it. They just assumed it was , it was awful. Who knows, maybe it wasn't necessarily out to hurt us, but nobody bothered to try, see if there was any difference

    Tom Skerrit: It was out to hurt us, yeah  
    Harry Dean Stanton:We should have cuddled him and pet him all over

    Tom Skerrit: He's got hydrochloric acid running through its veins, it's out to hurt us

    Veronica Cartwright: It's out to get us. But that's part of the whole thing.
(Alien Director's cut DVD/bluray commentary (1:54:17)

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