Alien Resurrection: Alien Warrior Concepts by Art Lee

leading from 
Alien Resurrection

a) Arthur Lee's Alien Warriors

On 5th September 2016, after some confusion about who drew these images I discovered Arthur Lee's signature on these drawings of the alien after not having a clue about who drew them

The top image in its colour and black and white form had been published in magazines, so some questions about it came to the surfac.

On the 24th of May 2017, Art Lee was able to come forth and explain which ones were his and who possibly painted a colour rendition of one of his drawings.

(See for discussion about confusion over the artist's identity )

Alien warrior  possibly painted by Dan Brodzik based on a sketch byArthur Lee

b) The first Alien Warrior by Art Lee

Arthur Lee draws his aliens in a stylised way with small featured long thin heads and large heavy hands and feet, almost with echoes of Cubism.

The first drawing has large feet with long toes  

The drawing shows us familiar features of the final alien design for Alien Resurrection such as the tail with spines almost forming a fin and the digits reduced to four with two large fingers on the large hands. 

The odd slightly flattened at the back shape of the head is also quite similar to the final creature as well. 

The creature seems to be crawling along the sides of a shaft.

The colour version is possibly by Dan Brodzik

See: Alien Warrior by Arthur Lee (painted by Daniel Brodzik?) references:

black and white drawing of alien in the shaft with Art Lee's signature on the right

c) The second Alien Warrior by Art Lee.

The feet of the creature resemble very large reptile or bird like claws and the shoulders have very large curved parts rising higher up than the head itself.

The back pipes here almost appear to be spine.

alien warrior sketch by same artist?

alien warrior sketch same as above (Youtube: ALIEN 4 Warrior BTS ADI ALIEN RESURRECTION)

d) The third alien warrior by Art Lee. 

The feet of the creature resemble very large reptile or bird like claws and the shoulders have very large curved parts rising higher up than the head itself 

However it appear to be transparent below the rim showing the alien head behind, and there are extra limbs extending from the lower torso. 

However it has low pipes or spines sticking out of the back.

Alien warrior with small limbs as found on the Alien Queen but here they're
further down the body. Possibly to show off the concept of mixed up DNA
inherited from the Queen which led to the idea of the alien warriors resembling
the queen a lot more than the previous adult alien creatures labeled as warriors
(Thanks to Jonin on Alien Xenomorph Origins at Facebook for the headsup .
Published in SFX magazine December 2014 as a preview for the Alien Archives book)

sketch for the alien above

e) This fourth is a drawing of the alien swimming by Art Lee


  1. I just found this blog and I'm amazed at the thoroughness of your research. I'm Art Lee, and I drew the 4 black & white concept drawings for A.D.I. The color version at the top of this page was possibly painted by Dan Brodzik, who also worked at A.D.I. while I was there. I appreciate the dedication displayed on your blog to all things ALIEN!

    1. Gosh well, thankyou Art! Very much appreciated.

      Okay, I've managed to simplify the page now and hopefully it's clearer now I'm having a clearer view of the matter.

      There appear to be a lot of pieces of concept art floating around with names not so obvious to the eye and it has been confusing. I imagine that there must have been quite an amount of activity going on in the art room. The battle to sort it all out goes on.

      I've removed the colour one that was at the bottom of the page. If anyone else who wants to know where that is, it's now on this page.