Alien: Von Daniken's concepts inspire Alien's creators?

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a) Dan O'Bannon Inspired by Eric Von Däniken
One of the earth crew in the original script the character speculated about the pyramid in relation to the Space Jockey " Maybe the rest of the crew is in there -- in some kind of suspended animation, waiting to be rescued." which is an idea related to Von Daniken's explorations into what the Pyramids were about.
drawing credited to Dan O'Bannon
b) Walter Hill's cynicism towards Von Däniken
Walter Hill said words in relation to talking about the presence of a pyramid in the original script, that the alien eggs were in the bottom of a pyramid and that indeed in the script there were pyramids and hieroglyphics on the plantetoid but he mentioned there connection with Von Däniken's ideas with some of it in derision.
‘Landing Ground at Nazca’ (for the book "Visitors from Outer Space") (1976) by Chris Foss
    c) Chris Foss inspired by Erich Von Däniken
    Chris Foss the artist who was one of the concept designers for Alien also took inspiration from the book Chariot of the Gods when he painted ‘Landing Ground at Nazca’ showing the Nazca Lines being used a landing strip by a space craft for a project not related to Alien.

    d) HR Giger influenced by Erich Von Däniken
    When Ridley chose some ideas from Giger's Necronomicon for the space jockey, more was required beyond that for the design of the space jockey and his seat which forced him to turn to images of the ancient Egyptian Henu Barque to transform that using his imagination into his ancient alien dead pilot in its control seat, perhaps much like the Sarcophagus Lid the Tomb of Lord Pakal appears to have translated itself in Von Däniken's mind into an ancient astronaut in a rocket ship whatever the truth of the matter. (see 3. Evolution of Space Jockey via the Egyptian Book of the Dead) However  in 2014, it suddenly dawned on me that Giger's painting Necronom V had been inspired by the Sarcopaghus lid ( See: Necronom V: Biomechanised Pakal Votan Tomb Lid.) and in the middle of that year I discovered that there was a book Die Däniken-Story. which Giger's friend Sergius Golowin had co-written with Gilbert Albert Bourquin

    Die Däniken-Story by Sergius Golowin and Gilbert Albert Bourquin
    Source Quotes
    1. Walter Hill: Dan was deeply into pyramidology at the time (Starlog July 1979, p95) 
    2. Walter Hill: There was this genuflect to pyramidology, the alien eggs were in the bottom of a pyramid. (Cinefantastique , vol 9, number 1, p16)    
    3. Walter Hill: They had pyramids and hieroglyphics on the planetoid, a lot of Von Däniken crap. (Film International)  
    4. HR Giger: Chur became famous in the world press as the place where Erich Von Daniken was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for fraud - a term otherwise reserved for murderers. It shows that the inhabitants of Graubunden for fantastists, foreigners or people from other parts of Switzerland have a chance if they bring money into the canton, like Gunter sachs or the Shah of Persia. (Giger's Necronomicon, p12)(N.B. Chur us the capital of Graunbunden which is a cantor (district) in Switzerland)

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