Cabin In The Woods concept art by Michael Broom

leading from 

Michael Broom designed some Alien inspired entities for the movie Cabin In the Woods by Joss Whedon released in 2012. It was the intention that he should design something as a homage to Giger's work, while his earlier designs looked as if they were displaying familiar imagery,  the final design seen at the bottom of the page quite possibly could be said to look the least like Giger's work than anything else that he drew for this project and perhaps belonged to a comedy film.
  1. David Leroy Anderson: “Everything in Cabin was an homage to something and this is the design picked to fill the need to acknowledge Giger. So Mike Broom had to channel Giger"(source 
  2. Michael Broom: “We did about 30 or 40 designs, some of which were very, VERY Giger-ey (bear in mind that every other director wants ‘Giger’ inpired aliens in their movie)… but this [the final design piece] was what they selected.”  (source

Background creature with Alien inspired foetal head and side pipes
Background creature with split version of an Alien head and two tails
Final design for the creature inspired by Giger

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