Salvador Dali's Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!

leading from

Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!'" (1940)

a)  See: References "Treasures of Satan" 1895?

b) "Dali's Daddy Longlegs of The Evening  - Hope!" referenced the cover for Astounding Stories (September 1931)?

b.i ) The raised boot becomes the opening of the cannon.

b.ii) The lower astronaut's hair becomes the cherub and his body becomes the sleeping face.

b.iii) The distant astronaut holding a bar becomes the violin bow.

b.iv) The dominant rocket thruster becomes the lower part of the violin.


c) See: References "Wir Klagen in Kreiser"(1937) by Sergei Eisenstein? (Note well that I think that the Eisenstein drawing looks to me as if it references the Astounding Stories cover seen above) (to come)

d) See: Referenced in James Gleeson's "Galaxy (1943)?
Dali's Daddy Longlegs of the Evening- Hope and Gleeson's Galaxy

e) See: Referenced in "House On Haunted Hill" poster (1959)

f) See: Referenced in cover of Pink Panther and The Inspector #26 (May, 1975)?

g) See:  References in panel from ""Dogman in Doktor Oktorpus Nonplussed"

h) See: Referenced in Necronom IX (1976) by HR Giger?

i) See: Alien Monster IV references Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!'"?

j) See:  Referenced in early Dren concept drawing (2000) by Vincenzo Natali for Splice (2009)?

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