"The Adventures of Tintin : The Red Sea Sharks"' car rally illustration by Hergé references the Henu Barque

leading from

a) The Henu Barque appears to turn up in Herge's work a lot of times, so picking up the details from seeing the three figures standing on the steps and making other associations,  I would assume that this one references configuration of the Henu Barque again?

Henu Barque from Papyrus of Ani
black and white image of the Henu Barque from the Papyrus of Ani 
(source: The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, The British Museum Press)

b) Three rudders becomes three people

 c) The head of the man become car number 3 while his skirt becomes the Citroen. 

  d) Perhaps the support block becomes the "The End" sign.

e) Kestrel head becomes a tire, while the segments of white become surrounding people, and then the white segments also inspires the white bubble car.

  f) Skirt becomes blue Citroen and back of car 7

g) The head of the Oryx becomes car number 2 while its horns become the cars behind it 

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