The Land That Time Forgot Poster references: "Moon woman cuts the circle" by Jackson Pollock (1944)?

a) Looking further at this poster here reveals itself to me to reference Dali's Autumnal Cannibalism, and then looking further at how this ought to be, shows me that Autumnal Cannibalism is another painting that references Agony In The Garden by El Greco. The painting also reveals itself to reference Salvador Dali's Woman transforming into books, and this painting itself would reveal its own history to me.

b) The full Pollock painting next to the main parts of the Land That Time Forgot poster.

c) The left leg becomes the long submarine and the knee on the right becomes the mini-sub.

d) In the upper left corner of painting , the brown swirling form becomes the smoke of the volcano and the dagger blade becomes the volcano itself. Meanwhile the rhombus shapes become the bony plates sticking out of the back of the Stegasaurus, known as the scutes.

e) Almost pitifully, it's as if this curious yellow form transforms into the Tyrannosaurus that swimming in the water, at least with the top of it serving as a placement for the dinosaur's head.

With that the rhombus forms become the windows at the front of the submarine.

f) Then again, however, the grey curves with the rhombus ends peeping out from behind them would become the back of the head and the back

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