Alien vs Predator: Peter Brigg's script

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b) Writing the Alien Vs Predator script (to come)

f) Loss of the Amstrad disk with the original AVP script
The first version that he wrote as a writing sample would later leak out. In 1992 he swapped his Amstrad computer for an Apple Mac and ended up loosing his Amstrad disk.

Someone had transcribed his script and pirated on the internet years later and he was able to cut and paste this into Final draft and once more have an electronic copy again.

At the time Peter didn't expect it to be taken so serious but he wrote it quickly.
  1. Peter Briggs: Here’s a fun anecdote: I wrote “A vs P” originally – oh, God…did you hear that? I actually said “A vs P”. I hate that thing…it’s like “T2″ or “LXG”! Anyway, I wrote it on an Amstrad computer, which was about one step above a Univac Room Filler. In ’92 I swapped to an Apple Mac, which I’ve used ever since. And I ended up losing the Amstrad disk, which was some weird, unreadable proprietary brand anyway. It wasn’t until whoever it was transcribed it and pirated it onto the web years later, that I was able to cut-and-paste it into Final Draft and have an electronic copy again. So, thank-you, Internet Leaker, wherever you were! ( August 29th 2004)

g) Anderson's view of Briggs' script
Paul Anderson had commented that when he read Peter Briggs' script, he thought that it was like a comic book, but Peter acknowledged that he had used a few elements from the Randy Stradley comic material, such as the captive queen, the hover bikes, and the main female character that he created as a jumping off point. 

  1.  Mr. D: In an interview in Fangoria magazine, Anderson says he’d read your version, and that it was more like the comic book. Would you comment on that?
    Peter Briggs:
    Well, in as much as I used a few elements from the Randy Stradley comic material — the captive queen, the hoverbikes, and the main female character he created, as a jumping-off point…but my “A vs P” wasn’t an adaptation of the comic book. If you put the two side by side, they were disparately different stories. I mean, look at Anderson’s draft. He’s gone back into the comic-books and quite calculatedly pinched the Predator “Alien Finger Blooding”, for example, from there, which I deliberately didn’t use. Would YOU let someone come near you with something hissing with Alien blood? I sure as hell wouldn’t!

    ( August 29th 2004)

h) Reports of other scripts
Paul Anderson claimed that he had been many script drafts at the studio before he came on board but as far as Peter Briggs remembered, there was his draft and there was the James DeMonaco and Kevin Fox draft and that was all the material that was presented at the WGA arbitration.

Afterwards DeMonaco would go on to work on to adapt the Driver computer game for Paul Anderson.

  1. Peter Briggs: You know, I did read that Fangoria piece. Anderson made a couple of nutty comments in there: that there’d been many drafts at the studio before he came onboard? Uh…no. There was me, and then there was the DeMonaco & Fox draft. And that was it. All this material was presented to the WGA arbitration, so I can tell you that for a fact. I find it a bit curious that after all this, DeMonaco’s now doing an adaptation of the “Driver” videogame for Paul Anderson, though…
    ( August 29th 2004)
i) Takayuki Takeya's Alien Pile
Peter had always been impressed by Giger's original version of the alien beast which was for him the most realistic looking of the beasts to date.

However he marveled at the hyper-elongated head of the Takayuki Takeya Japanese model kit of the Alien and this was the look that he would have wanted for his creatures if he had directed this thing.

This was an extreme to which Peter would have gone.

  1. Peter Briggs: Giger’s original version? Still the most “realistic” looking of the beasts, to date. Have you ever seen that Takayuki Takeya Japanese model kit of the Alien, with the hyper-elongated head? Man, that thing is so cool. That’s what my creatures would have looked like if I had directed this thing. I’d have gone to extremes. ( August 29th 2004) 
Takayuki Takeya's Alien Pile sculpture by Sideshow Collectibles


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