Alien: Storyboard of Space Jockey skeleton embedded in the rock (1978) by Ridley Scott references references Dad's Army photo from The Radio Times

a) Scene 56 ext.planet ridleygram for Alien "They move off: we see a skeleton"
(1978) by Ridley Scott

b) There's not much to go by other than some assumption that the Dad's Army photograph and then I do

c) The whole page from the Radio Times covering programs for 15th November 1974.

Please note here that the photo at the bottom for a Rowenta advert, I have already talked about in relation to another of Ridley Scott's Alien storyboards which gives an added reason as to why he might have taken note of it. (See Alien: Early Ridleygram showing the underside of the facehugger from Kane's view)

d) Character in the background with a blanket over his legs becomes amorphous rock formations.

e)  With that would be the idea the Space Jockey corpse was generally lying across the composition in a way similar to the central character Captain Mannering or even the character to the right Sgt. Arthur Wilson. 

Nothing can be be that specific.

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