Alien Monster IV. (work 408) (1978) by H.R. Giger references the cover of Pink Panther and The Inspector #4 (Published Jan 1972)

leading from

a) Alien Monster IV (work 408) (1978) by HR Giger

b) The cover of The Pink Panther #4 (Published Jan 1972)

c) The nose of the little man becomes the bent arm with the tip as the elbow

d) The golf club holder and clubs become the hand.

e) The eye becomes a detail in the wing on top of the back of the base of the neck while mouth and nose becomes details on the shoulder

 f) The chest becomes the shell stretching across the beast's head

 g) The tail becomes part of the strange biomechanical limb ending with a blade and a glow worm

h) The flag becomes the main part of the wing with flag pole becoming the blade like tip of a limb with a glow worm wriggling out of the end.

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