People Index

Gino Acevedos 
Special effects technician for Alien 3

Enrique "Quique" Alcatena 
Illustrator inspired by Alien

Robert Aldrich
Film maker considered for Alien 3

Gerry Anderson
English television and film producer, director, writer 

Paul W Anderson
Director of Alien vs Predator

Chris Ayers
Concept artist for Alien Vs Predator


Francis Bacon
Artist whose work was an inspiration for Alien and Alien Resurrection

Bolaji Badejo
Wore the suit for the beast in Alien 

J G Ballard
Writer who was asked to write the Alien novelisation and his writings may have had some impact on the script

Clive Barker
Writer, artist, film maker considered for Alien 3

J A Bayona
Director of A Monster Calls

Steve Begg
Concept artist for Aliens

Zdzislaw Beksinski 
Polish artist whose work was seeping into the influence behind the concept art for Prometheus

Enki Bilal
French comic book creator, comics artist and film director whose work who contributed to Metal Hurlant

John Birkinshaw ( aka Mother)
Wardrobe assistant for Alien

Boaty Boatwright
Legendary New York based ICM talent agent who went with the Alien producers and Ridley Scott to meet up Sigourney Weaver for a meal at a Japanese restaurant in 55th Street.

Arnold Böcklin
Painter of the Island of the dead paintings

Chesley Bonestell 
Science fiction artist 

Greg Broadmore
Concept artist for WETA

J. J. Booker
Drew the first published Predalien for a fanzine

Rob Bottin 
Special effects creator for Humanoids of the Deep
Danny Boyle
Film maker who considered 
making Alien Resurrection
Early Alien Vs Predator script writer

Michael Broom
Concept artist for ADI

Tom Burman
Makeup artist for The Phantom of Paradise and provided the metal teeth

Marc Caro
Collaborator with Jean-Pierre Jeunet 
and concept artist for Alien Resurrection

Comic book Illustrator, also worked for Metal Hurlant

Jack Clayton
Film director considered for Alien

John Chambers 
Had a go at making metal teeth for the character Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me
Roger Christian 
Production designer for Alien

Concept artist for Alien and Aliens 
David Cronenberg 
Writer, film maker

Chris Cunningham
(AKA Chris Halls) Sculptor for Alien 3 and concept artist for Alien Resurrection for ADI


Salvador Dali
20th Century artist known for surrealism

Simon Deering
Model builder for Alien

Neil deGrasse Tyson 

Sylvain Despretz 
Concept artist for Alien Resurrection

Kim Dickens
Actress from The Walking Dead who was inspired by Ripley for her role

Roger Dicken
Creature creator for Alien 

Dave Dorman
Concept artist who drew the "Predalien" creature first for the Alien vs Predator film in its early stages


Gareth Edwards
Director of the 2014 Godzilla who admired the Alien and Aliens beasts incorporating elements of them into his villain beast in his Godzilla movie


John Fasano 
A scriptwriter for Alien 3

Plays David the android in Prometheus

Federico Fellini   
Film director and cartoon artist
Benjamin Fernandez
Blueprint drawer for Alien

Jon Finch
Was cast in the role of Kane for Alien before he fell ill and was replaced by John Hurt

Chris Foss
Concept artist for Alien
Illustrator who did one popular illustration of the Alien beast
Paul Francis
Sculptor and model maker

Frank Frazetta
Painter and illustrator

Ernst Fuchs  
A painter

Richard Funston.  
Member of the art department for Prometheus


William Gibson
Cyberpunk writer who worked on an Alien 3 script

H R Giger
Artist who designed the alien, derelict ship and the dead pilot

Terry Gilliam
Film director who borrowed spare parts from the Alien model building department for his alien spacecrafts in his film The Life of Brian

Jean Giraud
Concept artist also known as Moebius who worked on Alien

James Gleeson
Australian surrealist during the 20th Century

Jenette Goldstein
Actress who plays Vasquez in Aliens

Ian Graham
Professional archaeologist who went to examine the Pakal Votan tomb lid

Gutalin (AKA Alex Kzohanov) 
Concept artist for Prometheus


Chris Halls (AKA Chris Cunningham)
Sculptor for Alien 3 and concept artist for Alien Resurrection for ADI

Debbie Harry
Lead singer of Blondie

John Hatt
Worked on Special effects for Alien and Aliens

Lance Henriksen
Played Bishop in Aliens and Bishop 2 in Alien 3 and Charles "Bishop" Weyland in Alien vs Predator 

Illustrator of The Adventures of Tintin 

Richard Hoagland
Author and show host of "Other Side of Midnight"

Stephen Hopkins
Film maker who directed Lost in Space and Predator 2

Carlos Huante
Concept artist for Prometheus

John Hurt 
Played Kane in Alien


Akihito Ikeda
Sculptor for ADI on AVP

Peter Jackson
Film director who passed on Alien Resurrection but liked the Alien Queen

Alejandro Jodorowsky
Film director who almost made Dune, but brought together Dan O'Bannon, HR Giger and Chris Foss.

Brian Johnson
Supervised the special effects for Ridley Scott's Alien

Steve Jolliffe 
Member of the band Tangerine Dream who came to work on a Nostromo model for one day.

Duncan Jones
Film director the film Moon who admired the movie Alien.

S. T. Joshi
H P Lovecraft scholar 

Jay Kanter
20th Century Fox Film producer

Richard Keel
Actor who played Jaws in James Bond 
South African artist 

Darius Khondji
Cinematographer for Alien Resurrection

Stephen King
Horror author

Jack Kirby
Comic book writer, illustrator 

Nigel Kneale 
Writer of the Quatermass series 

Kei Kobayashi
Illustrator living in Japan 

Yaphet Kotto
Actor who played Parker in Alien  

Jan Kounen
Film director who would have been interested to be asked to direct Alien even if he might have said no 

Christiane Kubrick
Artist, and wife of Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick 
Film director who developed an obsession about Alien.

Alex Kzohanov (AKA Gutalin) 
Concept designer for Prometheus 


Alan "Laddie" Ladd
20th Century Fox boss during the time of Alien

Dan LaMountain 
Illustrated the cover for the novel "Protectoriate" released in January 1985
Cuban painter

Jon Landis
Director of American Werewolf In London

Gary Larson
Cartoonist who's illustration generally predicted the shape of the Deacon's head

Stephane Lavallois
Concept and storyboard artist for Alien Covenant 

Sandy Lieberson
Vice president for 20th Century Fox in Europe at the time of Alien

Damon Lindelof
Script writer for Prometheus 

Charlie Lippincott
Advertising and publicity consultant for Alien

Dennis Lowe
Special effects technician for Alien and Aliens 

H.P. Lovecraft 
Science fiction horror author known for his Cthulhu Mythos

David Lynch
Film director of films such as Eraserhead, Dune and Blue Velvet 


Neil Marshall
Film maker who appreciated Alien

Arthur Max
Production designer for Prometheus

Helen Mirren
British actress who auditioned for Ripley in Alien
(Real name: Jean Giraud) Concept artist for Alien

Henry Moore
Artist whose work inspired elements of Prometheus' visuals

Justin Murray
Concept artist for AVP:Requiem


Vincenzo Natali
Film director who made Cube, Cypher and Splice, admires Alien, draws aliens as well and was strongly rumoured to have been considered for Alien 5

Joe Nizzi
Concept artist for Transformers 3

Helmut Newton
Fashion photographer who photographed Sigourney Weaver during Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection

Chris Nolan 
Film maker who was very impressed by Alien as a child

Juhani Nurmi 
Journalist who tried to help to get Peter Brigg's Alien Vs Predator script made into a film


Dan O'Bannon
Script writer for Alien

Greg Orme
Author who writes about Martian anomalies and thought deeply about Prometheus 


Assyrian demon whose shadow was cast across western societies creativity since the movie Exorcist

Anthony Peake
Author who sometimes talks about Alien in his discussions about human perception

Joe Petagno
Artist contributed  concept design work for the facehugger in Alien

David Pringle
JG Ballard historian and former editor for Interzone magazine


Carlo Rambaldi
Mechanised the head of the beast in Alien 
Plays Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus




Plays Ledward in Alien Covenant


Radio show presenter fan of Alien
Umberto Romano 
Painted "New England Tragedy" (1934)

Eli Roth 
Film maker fan of Alien

Ken Russell
Film maker whose work was one of the inspirations for Alien Resurrection


Carl Sagan 
Lead astrophysicist who became friends with Ridley Scott and would later present the TV series Cosmos

Gerald Scarfe
Possible influence behind Prometheus through his artwork for Pink Floyd's The Wall

Jordu Schell
Concept artist for Alien Resurrection

Bragi Schut 
wrote the "The last Voyage of Demeter" screenplay inspired by Alien

Elliot Scott
Concept artist (uncredited) for Alien

Ridley Scott
Director of Alien and Prometheus

Roger Shaw
Roger Christian's personal prop maker

Ron Shusett
Co-writer of the story of Alien and executive producer for the film

Walter Simonson 
Comic book illustrator for Aliens: The Illustrated story and he included a scene showing the alien unfolding from a box like shape that although in the Famous Monsters of Filmland article,  Dan O'Bannon was interviewed and seemed to have talked about why it was cut out, it's being regarded as a product of Walter's imagination.

Dr Zecharia Sitchin
Writer known for his theories on ancient aliens

John Sorensen
Special effects technician for Alien

Steven Spielberg
Director of Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind before Alien was mad

Ralph Steadman 
Influence on the monster designs for Prometheus

Chris Stein
Co-founder and guitarist of Blondie

Hugo Steiner-Prag
First illustrator for Gustave Meyrink's The Golem

Ron Story
Wrote a book attacking Von Daniken's theories

Koji Suzuki
Author of the techno-horror novel Ring


Tangerine Dream
One of the band members came to help work on building a Nostromo for the day

Patrick Tatopoulos
Concept artist for Alien vs Predator
Illustrator who provided the illustrations for Lewis Carrol's Alice In Wonderland published 1865.

Alex Toader
Concept artist who worked on Planet Terror and Predators 

Isao Tomita
Electronic music composer whose work inspired Ridley Scott on the Alien film and his music was being considered for the soundtrack for Alien

Guillermo del Toro
Film director planned to make a film of Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" but dropped the production when Prometheus was being made, and would always talked about Alien in a way that he would mentally fuse it with Lovecraft's story. 

Georgiou Tsoukalos
TV Presenter for Ancient Aliens

Neil deGrasse Tyson
Astrophysicist and presenter of Cosmos 


Robert Venosa
Artist who was friends with HR Giger and visited the set of Alien

Farzad Vaharamyan
Concept artist for ADI
French commercial poster artist

Erich von Däniken
Writer known for his theories on ancient aliens

1960s Actress and model who came to audition for the role of the alien 


Steve Wang
Sculptor who worked for ADI for Alien Resurrection and Alien vs Predator

David Watling
Worked on a radio controlled mechanised head and tail for Alien

Francis Wayland
President of Brown University from 1827 to 1855, a place which HP Lovecraft wished to attend.

Ben Wheatley
Film director who saw Alien

Gareth Wigan
20th Century Fox's vice president for world wide production


Andrzej Zulawski 
Film director who made Possession who admired Giger's work on Alien.

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