Alien Echoes

leading from
  1. Ron Cobb's Nostromo concept inspires Terrahawk's Battlehawk  
  2. Chris Foss's derelict concept inspires Firefly's Serenity?  
  3. Illustrated Story from Starblazer comic book
  4. Philippe Caza's Alien (Ou les enfants, le pere et l'autre) Metal Hurlant 104 (1983)
  5. Moebius Alien derelict inspires Dalek building in Doctor Who 
  6. Cocoon (1985)
  7. Did the cocoon scene Ridleygram inspire the movie Brainstorm's hell?
  8. "Ship of fools" comic book story from Doctor Who Weekly #23-24
  9. Carlos Huante's The Pilot 
  10. Australian surrealist James Gleeson draws an alien arm
  11. Marc Caro (illustrator and film maker) and Alien 
  12. Joe Cornish (film director) on Alien
  13. Chris Cunningham (illustrator and film maker) and Alien
  14. Sylvain Despretz (illustator) and the Space Jockey
  15. Gareth Edwards (film maker) and Alien
  16. Christophe Gans (film maker) and his appreciation of Alien
  17. William Gibson (writer) inspired by Alien 
  18. Jon Landis (film maker) and Alien
  19. Neil Marshall (film maker) on Alien
  20. Nicolas Refn (film maker) on Alien 
  21. Eli Roth (fllm maker) was inspired by Alien 
  22. Bragi Schut (scriptwriter) and Alien 
  23. Ben Wheatley (film maker) and Alien
  24. Edgar Wright (film producer) on Alien
  25. When Noomi Rapace (actress) saw Alien
  26. When Michael Fassbender (actor) first saw Alien
  27. Billy Crudup (actor) liked Alien
  28. S. T. Joshi on Lovecraft's influence on Alien
  29. Distant Echoes of Alien as a box in Hannibal S.3, Ep 2 ?
  30. The Ripley influence on "Fear The Walking Dead" 
  31. Chat about Alien and HR Giger on Richard Hoagland's The Other Side Of Midnight   
  32. Anthony Peake on the chest burster experience as a reflection of an altered state   
  33. Anthony Peake and the matter of "In space, no one can hear you scream"
  34. JA Bayona hires Sigourney Weaver for A Monster Calls, as a fan of Alien

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