Alien: Creating the Alien

leading from

a) Big 'Un, The Big Chap.
The third stage was known as Big 'Un, The Big Chap.

b) The Original Sculpture

v) See: No, no eyes!

Bolaji Badejo in the suit being airbrushed by Giger
(from Japanese Giger's Alien video)

c) Mechanising the head

i) See:  David Watling's Alien Head

ii) See: Carlo Rambaldi's Alien Head

d) See: Mechanism in the arm

e) See : Alien head as the Corpus Caleosum of the human brain

f) See also: In the Shadow of Pazuzu

g) See: Dali's "Portrait of Picasso" referenced in HR Giger's final Alien beast Stage III head?

h) See also: Jack Kirby's The Living Totem as reference for the Alien suit?

The Alien and Giger from the cover of the Patrick Frey 2013 Catalogue

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