Alien: Creating the Alien

leading from

a) Big 'Un, The Big Chap.
The third stage was known as Big 'Un, The Big Chap.

b) The Original Sculpture

v) See: No, no eyes!

Bolaji Badejo in the suit being airbrushed by Giger
(from Japanese Giger's Alien video)

c) Mechanising the head

i) See:  David Watling's Alien Head

ii) See: Carlo Rambaldi's Alien Head

d) See: Mechanism in the arm

e) See : Alien head as the Corpus Caleosum of the human brain

f) See also: In the Shadow of Pazuzu

g) See: Dali's "Portrait of Picasso" referenced in HR Giger's final Alien beast Stage III head?

h) See Jack Kirby's The Living Totem referenced in the Alien suit?

The Alien and Giger from the cover of the Patrick Frey 2013 Catalogue

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