Occator crater lights complex on the Ceres planetoid.

leading from

7th Century AD approx. a) See:The Nativity icon, St Catherine's Monastery, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt, from approximately 7th century AD.

(NB, there are numerous artists who have painted their own reinterpretation of this Nativity icon since)


1966 (Published February). See. Jack Kirby: The Great Refuge from The Fantastic Four


1975. "National Park" painted by HR Giger 
See:  Comparisons between National Park painted by HR Giger and Occator Crater


1977: (Published March) See: Jack Kirby's illustration of Olympia from The Eternals #9 predicts the mysteries of Occator Crater Lights


1985) See: Olympia by Sal Buscema from The Eternals v2 #001 (1985)
Olympia drawn by Sal Buscema from The Eternals v2 #001 (1985)

1988: See: Organic painting (1988) Moebius/Jean Giraud

Organic painting (1988) Moebius/Jean Giraud


2015. a) I believe that it was this year, on Coast To Coast Am, Richard C Hoagland gave the heads up about Occator Crater being a place of interest on Ceres because of the lights, as the Dawn probe approached the planetoid

2015. b) (Released September 9th)
The Dawn probe sends the first clear images of Occator Crater.

Also see numerous photos from the NASA website posted since. https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/spaceimages/?search=occator&category=#submit

Occator Crater PIA19889, released, September 9, 2015

2015. c) Andrew Currie's exploratory drawing (Released 12th December 2015)
Illustration of Occator Crater drawn by Andrew Currie after the Occator Crater had been photographed and this photograph had released to the public, and presented on Richard C. Hoagland's "The Other Side of Midnight" radio program website.

Occator Crater by Andrew Currie, 2015
(source: Richard C Hoagland's "The Other Side of Midnight" radio program website

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