Jean Giraud / "Moebius"

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 a. Moebius' work for or relating to Alien 



a.1) See: The coming and going of Jean Giraud / Moebius 

a.2) See: The disappearance and reappearance of Moebius' Alien artwork   

a.3) See: Derelict exterior



a.4) See: Derelict exterior: Development via closeup via Early Ridleygram and crucifixion painting by Francis Bacon



 a.5) See: Other derelict exteriors: Development via Space 1999 and earlier derelict ship by Chris Foss



b. Alien inspired by Moebius


b.3) Arzach And The Space Jockey



b.4)   Influence on the movie Prometheus


c. Moebius and the Henu Barque trail

d. Moebius and giant upwards staring faces
d.1) See: Homage to the face on Mars in Arzach
e. Moebius references Giger

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