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Moebius' Art work for Alien
  1. Derelict exterior
  2. Derelict exterior closeup
  3. Other derelict exteriors
  4. A Space Jockey
  5. Nostromo crew space suits and outfits
Moebius and Alien
  1. The coming and going of Jean Giraud / Moebius
  2. The disappearance and reappearance of Moebius' Alien artwork 
  3. Inspired by Moebius for refinery platform
  4. Wide side cockpit window of Nostromo loosely inspired by Moebius
  5. Arzach And The Space Jockey
  6. Influence on the movie Prometheus
  7. Alien drawing by Moebius for Dark Horse's Aliens: Havoc
  8. Prometheus inspired by Moebius?
  9. Alien Covenant: Moebius inspiration behind landing craft scenes? 
  10. Alien Covenant:: "The Planet Once More" from Moebius "Edena" inspires the discovery of the dead Engineers' city? 

 Moebius and the Henu Barque trail
  1. Illustration for "Europ Assistance" (published 1981) 
  2. "John Carter et Geronimo Martinez luttent pour le son parfait" (1994) 
  3. "Jodorowsky vu par Moebius" by Moebius (1999)
  4. "Le Maior découvre le rêve 173" (2012?)
  5. Starwatcher drawing (1987) 
  6.  Unnamed drawing by Moebius (2009)

Moebius and giant upwards staring faces
  1. Homage to the face on Mars in Arzach
  2. "Mythology" by Jean Giraud/Moebius (1998)

 Moebius referencing Giger
  1. Inspired by HR Giger's Erotomechanics VII ?
  2. Illustration for the Temps Futurs catalogue from 1976 references HR Giger's Necronom IV (1976)?

Moebius' derelict exterior, derelict exterior closeup and spacejockey inside

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