Alien: Covenant

leading from 

Making the movie 
b) See: Odd Studios and Creatures Inc: Meeting and merging
h)  See: Development of the Neomorph by way of Australia
i)  See: Beyond Alien Covenant    
Cast and Character
Demian Bichir (to come)
Carmen Ejogo (to come)
Michael Fassbender (to come)
James Franco (to come)
See: Danny McBride plays Tennessee
Noomi Rapace (to come)
See: Benjamin Rigby plays Ledward
Amy Seimetz (to come)
Jussie Smollett (to come) 
See: Katherine Waterston plays Daniels

e) The Domed Citadel


Promotional artwork
a) See: Alien: Covenant poster
b) See:
Empire magazine (june 2017) exclusive subscribers cover

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